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140821 Ice Bucket Challenge - Taecyeon & OKCAT
- 2PM - Taecyeon - OKCAT - icebucketchallenge - ASL - 2014 - 140821

This video deserves more views!

- 2PM - jun. k - minjun - junsu - NO LOVE - korean - version - LOVE & HATE - love and hate - MV - video - kpop - beastly - yazoo - top - idols - male - boy - group


- 2PM - jun. k - minjun - junsu - A.D.T.O.Y - all day i think of you - kpop - beastly - yazoo - top - idols - hot - male - boy - group - kim minjun - kim junsu

[ENGSUB] Big Bottle - Stress Come On Music Video

Oh my stress ! xDDD

- GOT7 - vixx - btob - jackson - big bottle - big byung - stress - mv - kpop - 2014

[INFO] K-POP EXPO in ASIA on 22nd of September 2014

Fansign: 6:00pm KST
Performance: 7:30pm KST

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- 2PM - kpop expo in asia - 2014 - kpop - info

[INFO] 2PM will attend “7th SGC Super Live in Seoul” on 13th September 2014 @ 17:00 KST

- 2PM - sgc super live in seoul - 2014

[Info] 2PM will attend the 2014 Sky Festival on 27th of September (19:30 KST) @ Incheon Airport

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- 2PM - Sky Festival - 2014 - info

- 2PM - hands up


"Iโ€™ll pity bias him if no one else biases him". My words in February. When GOT7 were preparing to debut and the teasers were coming out, people were claiming faves and biases. I was pretty sure I was gonna bias Mark or Jackson, after seeing then in WIN.

Oh but then they debuted and I becameโ€ฆ Jr biased. Yeah I mean heโ€™s still fucking evil, eye fucking the camera and I actually tried unbiasing him twice. But whatever as of like a month and some change Iโ€™m Youngjae biased. Well thatโ€™s a lie, Iโ€™ve always been Youngjae biased.

I always knew vocally I would love Youngjae, vocally he has a lot of work to do, but he has those special moments which are so promising. Some of it has to do with him needing to perfect his technique, but most of it is a confidence thing. Youngjae has a lot of confidence issues but one day heโ€™ll realise just how fucking amazing he is.

Which is another thing. Heโ€™s freaking modest. Its super endearing, and its like sometimes you wanna be like Youngjae mother you slay own it. But some people canโ€™t be confident as Jackson or Bam Bam, heโ€™s him and thatโ€™s this little ball of awkward and goofy.

Heโ€™s handsome. I really realised how biased I had become when I ranted. Like I went on a twitter rant on how good looking this boy is, people call him ugly and I know why.

Youngjaeโ€™s not a pretty boy, heโ€™s not a Mark or Jinyoung, heโ€™s not a cutie like Bam Bam and heโ€™s not Handsome in the sense that Yugyeom is. Heโ€™s not sexy or chic like JB, and heโ€™s hot โ€œswaggyโ€ like Jackson. Youngjae has his own mother fucking charm, aesthetically Youngjae is above average, if you saw him walk down the street you would turn your head to look at him, well I know I would. I love looking at Youngjae cause heโ€™s like that normal boy next door that you wanna wait till heโ€™s legal before you do xrated things to.

Youngjae is a goofy person, he is he tells bad jokes, he makes good ones, heโ€™s made fun of and takes it heโ€™s a team player.

I love him, long post but it just needed to be said if you read all of this then well done.


- GOT7 - Youngjae - Choi Youngjae

Hottest Tango Couple (Chansung & Fei) x

ChanFei โ™ฅ

- 2PM - MissA - chansung - fei - chanfei - one mic - jyp nation - 2014