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can't get over the way he walks ...
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[VIDEO] Red Carpet - Trailer #2

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Junbros ♥

You two, get a room!!

yah yah, ‘Not in public’ xD 

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2PM being 2PM!
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Happy Birthday to my little sister, T of #2pmmissaftw! Thank you for being the sweetest, my love! May all your wishes come true. I love you! ♥

Awwww thank you so much sweetheart~! /hugs you/

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2PM World Tour ‘Go Crazy in USA’ 

- 2PM - World Tour - Go Crazy in USA - 2014


[Trans]141015 2PM’s Interview with 'Thairath' Newspaper

Q: You said you showed your true identities in this album. What do fans not know about you guys?

Minjun: Nichkhun looks nice and cute but in reality he has a manly and dark side too. He’s not always soft. (smile)
Chansung: In this album, Jun.K revealed his talent in producing and showed each member’s character in a stunning way. You see, we should praise each other too. (laugh)
Junho: Chansung’s emotional. He has talents in writing song lyrics. He’s such a great friend.
Wooyoung: Junho loves fried rice with pork and watermelon smoothie. He truely loves Thai food.
* Other members complained that their fans already knew that. *
Nichkhun: We want Junho to relax and go crazy. But he prefers to live a quiet life and doesn’t like parties.
* Everyone loudly complained that they wanted Junho to buy them lunch or dinner sometimes. *
Junho: I’m not stingy. I just don’t have a chance to do so. (laugh)
Taecyeon: Wooyoung greatly and incredibly expressed himself in this album. His outfit, hairstyle and everything.
Nichkhun: Taec displays his emotions frankly. There’s nothing about Taec that fans don’t know. Do you guys prefer to not know something about Taec? (laugh)

Q: 2PM are great entertainers on stage. Are you guys entertaining when you are together?
Minjun: Of course. Even when we worked in the wee hours, we would be alert and loud.” (Everybody clapped happily and loudly.) We would not cheer each other up directly but we would make the atmosphere great and fun.

Q: Who’s the craziest in 2PM?
* Everyone pointed at Minjun. Lol *
Chansung: When Minjun’s on stage and you turn on the music loudly, you can clearly see his crazy side.(laugh)
Nichkhun: When Minjun turns on the music, he will be in his own world.

Q: You have a ‘riding motorbike’ dance in Go Crazy. Where are you guys going?
Nichkhun: (laughed) Nowhere. The dance really hurts my legs. (laugh) It looks fun and all but it’s a very tiring dance. Go Crazy is one of the most tiring songs in 2PM history. We use a lot of energy in order to be active for the whole song.

Trans by Daffodil0624 | Source : thairath.co.th

- 2PM - Interview - Thairath - GO CRAZY in BKK - World Tour - 2014 - 141015

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